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January 8th 2024

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Coulsdon, Surrey

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Motorcycle Delivery Driver

by Doble Motorcycles

 Motorcycle Delivery Driver

 Coulsdon, Surrey

 Delivery Driver


a. To conduct all transactions pleasantly and courteously with customers, with an
emphasis on an efficient and reliable customer delivery service.
b. To work within agreed discount structure and customer terms including the
sensitive areas of credit withdrawal.
c. To seek ways to increase parts and accessory sales by identifying customer needs
and incremental items to sell.
d. To enhance the reputation of Your Dealership Ltd. at every opportunity when
interacting with others.

Customer Relations:
a. Ensure that all customers are treated with courtesy and professionalism, making
their purchase from Doble Motorcycles an enjoyable and memorable experience.
b. Ensure that all vehicles sold and delivered are in serviceable condition and
suitable for their intended use.
c. Converse with customers in a professional manner so as to enhance the
reputation and standing of the manufacturer’s franchises represented.
d. Inform customers of new dealership policies and new and ongoing promotions.
Control of costs:
a. Ensure that all repairs and maintenance activities are undertaken at the minimum
cost to the company.
b. Ensure that preventative maintenance is undertaken to reduce long term costs.
c. Ensure that all tools and equipment used in the undertaking of repairs and
maintenance are cared for and used in a cost-effective manner.
d. Ensure any stocks of materials are carefully controlled and used to minimise the
company’s expense.
e. Care for and ensure the economic use of company vehicles when driven.
f. Ensure that the cost of specialist services and materials are not excessive and are
commensurate with the service received.

Customer Service

a. Provide all Doble Motorcycles, customers with a level of service that will achieve
the highest level of customer satisfaction, retention and loyalty.
b. Seek to improve all aspects of quality and minimise customer complaints,
dissatisfaction and defection.
c. Work with all members of staff, share knowledge and experience to achieve the
highest levels of performance in order to guarantee a & b above.
d. Maintain vehicle appearance to the highest standard.
e. Assist with promotions, events and marketing initiatives. Look to increase sales of
associated and incremental products by careful and diligent customer qualification
and presentation.
a. Ensure all documentation relating to sales and deliveries is properly recorded and
passed on to appropriate personnel.
a. Advise General Manager, Partners or Group Aftersales Manager of any
breakages, damage, differences or discrepancies noted when delivering vehicles.
b. Maintain positive and supportive relationships with all customers, emphasising
Doble Motorcycles’ commitment to customer care.
c. Drive and park vehicles in a courteous manner so as to avoid adverse
relationships and damage to reputation with members of the public and authorities.
Money handling:
a. Secure safely all cash, credit card receipts and cheques received in cash
receptacles provided. Deposit cash at dealership in accordance with instructions
given by the Managers and the dealerships money handling procedures.
b. Exercise diligence in the identification of forged banknotes and other fraudulent
methods of payment.


Any other duties as and when required by senior company managers that are
reasonably within the capabilities of the person and are aimed at achieving the
company’s objectives and goals.



a. Clean and full driving licence.
b. Ability to communicate with people of all types in a customer environment.
c. Technical skills sufficient to understand vehicles.
d. Receive training and maintain best practice in manual handling methods.

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