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March 1st 2021

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Boston, Lincolnshire

Marketing & PR

Marketing Manager

by Sportsbikeshop Ltd

 Marketing Manager

 Boston, Lincolnshire


Attention, bored but awesome people! The time has come to add a Marketing Manager to our team…

We’re proud to say that Sportsbikeshop is now the UK’s largest retailer of motorcycle clothing and accessories, with an industry leading website and a growing network of ludicrously good stores. Forgive the cheese, but it’s always been about customer first and delivering cracking customer service, which seems to be working!

The role on offer:

You’d be working very closely - and pretty darn hard with - a senior management team who really care about what they’re doing, and marketing is such an important part of what we do, that it deserves someone awesome. You’d have to imagine that it was your own business, that’s how much you’d have to care!

The list of things you’d get involved in is WAY too big to list but we’ll still try in a bit (see list at the bottom of the ad). We should also point out that the list is in no way finite as, weirdly, we both listen to, and like ideas, no matter how crazy sounding.

What’s most important of all is that when you just read the blurb above, you got massively excited about the prospect of joining us. You should now be ready to down tools immediately (actually, best wait until you at least have an interview) so you can join us here at Sportsbikeshop. If it’s a ‘maybe, cos those guys sound like they’re ok’ then we’re not for you and you’re not for us, but, if buzzwords* make your skin itch and you truly want to be working on some exciting stuff, this is the role for you.

The role could be full time or part time as finding the right person is the most important part. Salary is dependent on both experience and, obviously, hours. We could waffle on at this point about being a self-starter (yep, no idea) and being highly motivated (as if you’d admit you weren’t!) but that sort of falls under buzzwords*, so we’ll now just list what you’ll be involved with and what we’d love you to have:

Stuff you’ll be involved with:

Email campaigns
Social media management (even stuff we’re too old to understand)
Partnerships (both forming some and managing some)
Ad campaign concepts
Content creation (writing stuff)
Managing affiliates
Working with our ever expanding store network
Video work (we have a team but they’d love some help at some point)
On site work including banners
Events (one day…)
Soooooo much more!

Sort of excited? Then it’s not for you. Really excited? Then get in touch, fast!

(*pointless use of phrases designed to make people sound like they know what they’re talking about but actually mean nothing other than something quite ordinary e.g., shake the tree, 110%, and take a helicopter view)

Ideal Candidate

Stuff we’d like:

Someone who’s sharp
A good grasp of the English language (see stuff you’ll be involved with)
Previous marketing experience would be a darn good start
You to not take life too seriously
A love of bikes (the ones with engines) would be handy
Someone who sighs when a colleague says ‘sorry, it’s 5pm, I’m gone’
Someone who refrains from using buzzwords*
A ‘Powerpoint’ hater

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